A Proven Leader With A Vision to Keep Coronado Special


Devoted to Our Community

Marvin is dedicated to keeping Coronado special for years to come. Being involved in Coronado for over 30 years, he is passionate about serving the community and bettering his city. Marvin is focused on improving traffic, modernizing infrastructure and increasing public safety.

Ready for Any Situation

Marvin utilizes his world-class problem solving expertise, honed by a career as a Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer in the Pentagon and around the world, to serve the needs of Coronado no matter how great or small.


"Marvin has my vote and support because I know he will serve our community selflessly and make informed decisions in the best interest of Coronado." 

— Richard Bailey, Mayor of Coronado


Stewarding Coronado Charm

As a Coronado homeowner for 30 years, Marvin shares your love for the special charm that makes our community one of a kind. Marvin’s expert problem solving skills will ensure that the Coronado we love today will be the Coronado we love tomorrow.